Need extra space on your motorbike?

Kofferset huren? Bekijk en huur hier de kofferset bij Fris Motorverhuur Amsterdam.

It can happen that you want to take some extra luggage with you on your motorbike, it doesn’t fit in your backpack (or you prefer to not wear one), but you do need some extra space. We rent hardcase panniers, topboxes, universal panniers and rolbags. With all the rental motorbikes you can see the extra options that are possible with that specific motorbike and for rental of only some accessories you can check out or “Gear” section. The hardcase panniers and topboxes are only suitable with our allroad motorbikes. The universal panniers and rollbags are suitable for most of our rentalbikes, but also (mostly) for your own. Do you want to take a trip with some extra luggage on our rental motorbike or your own, make sure you select this option when making a reservation or to reserve these options via our gear page. Not sure wether it fits on your own motorbike? Please do contact us so we can check it for you.

Ready for your motorbike vacation?

You always used to go on holiday by car, but this time you decided that you want to travel with a motorbike. But you don’t own a bike… no worries! We got enough options for you. All of our rentalbikes are vacationproof, of course some more than others when it comes to luggageoptions, but a longer rental duration is always possible. If you want to travel more than five days you will get a nice Fris discount. You can see this when you are booking the motorbike on the website. Are you planning on making more kilometers than the ones you’re getting free with the rental? Please do contact us if so.