Yamaha MT10

Per day from € 84,00 | Drivers licence A (minimaal 2 jaar in bezit, minimum leeftijd 25 jaar)

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Yamaha MT10

The Yamaha MT10 is called the hypernaked, and we can certainly understand why! Alongside it’s 160hp big bang engine, this beast is equipped with a lot of fantastic gadgets. Think of adjustable riding modes, traction control, ABS, cruise control and more. Firstly this naked is unexpectedly lightweight and agile thanks to the short wheel base. Secondly this is all wrapped up in a radical, agressively styled motorbike that makes lots of heads turn. The riding tests are unanimous about it: it’s fantastic!

There is a minimum age of 25 and a minimum possession of 2 years of a full A-license needed. Also, this must be parked in an enclosed space during the night.

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Number of cylinders4
Displacement998 cc
Power160 pk
Torque111 Nm
Wet weight210 kg
Seat height825
Drivers licenceA (minimaal 2 jaar in bezit, minimum leeftijd 25 jaar)


Time periodRateFree km
Per day from€ 84,00150 km
Weekday€ 105,00150 km
Weekendday€ 115,50150 km
Weekend€ 231,00300 km
7 days€ 604,801050 km

Price per km: € 0,20 | Deposit: € 600,-

The from price is based on a rental period of five consecutive weekdays.

Fris&Free an option for you? For only € 5 per rental day you can cancel your booking free of further charge up until 24 hours in advance!



KlaphelmFlip back helmet€ 10,-LaarzenBoots€ 3,-
SysteemhelmFlip up helmet€ 7,50HandschoenenGloves€ 3,-
HelmFull face / Open helmet€ 6,-KofferBox/Backpack€ 3,-
JasJacket€ 6,-X GripX-grip phone holder€ 3,-
BroekPants€ 3,-TomTom RiderTomTom Rider€ 8,-
KlaphelmFlip back helmet€ 10,-
SysteemhelmFlip up helmet€ 7,50
HelmFull face / Open helmet€ 6,-
JasJacket€ 6,-
BroekPants€ 3,-
LaarzenBoots€ 3,-
HandschoenenGloves€ 3,-
KofferBox/Backpack€ 3,-
X GripX-grip phone holder€ 3,-
TomTom RiderTomTom Rider€ 8,-

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